Why You Should Check Out Affiliation If You’re Not Ready To Run Your Own Casino

If you’ve looked into running your own online casino but got put off, whether by the steep fees or just not feeling ready, you should consider becoming a UK casino affiliate. Casino affiliate programs are essentially only a step removed from running your own white label online casino. You are still tasked with marketing and generating traffic, only you don’t run the casino you generate traffic for. If you are good at marketing or have online influence you would like to monetise then casino affilliate programs can be a good way to make money online.

What is a UK casino affiliate?

Casino affilliate programs are a type of affiliate marketing, whereby affiliates attract business to a casino in return for a cut of the profits from revenue they help generate. It’s a great way to capitalise on any online influence you may have, from running ads on websites you own to persuading followers on your social media to use certain casinos when they gamble online.

How do they work?

Typically a casino affiliate program will supply you with a unique URL for you to use and will supply you with all sorts of marketing material, from image banners to videos and anything else they may have. People you refer will need to use your unique URL when they register at a casino and gamble. This URL allows the casino to track the people you refer and also the revenue generated by those people. Most affiliate programs will only pay out on the profits earned from your traffic (meaning you won’t earn anything if your patrons win!) but they will continue to pay out over the lifetime of your patrons. Should you successfully refer some dedicated gamblers then it can end up being a nice passive income generator once you have built up enough!

What are the advantages of being an affiliate?

For people not willing to run their own online casino, becoming an affiliate of an established brand is the next best thing. In fact, in some ways it is much easier. Not only is the day to day running of the casino none of your concern, but you also get to piggyback off an already established brand. Trust is hugely important when it comes to persuading people to gamble their money at your online casino. People are generally very wary of dodgy casinos and cheating or rip off games. By becoming an affiliate of an already established brand, you can take advantage of the credibility someone else has had to work so hard to develop.

What are the disadvantages of becoming an affiliate?

Many casino affiliate programs will have rules and guidelines for how they expect affiliates to behave and advertise their casino. Some programs are also very selective about who may register and constantly set targets for their affiliates to reach each month. If an affiliate fails to generate enough traffic on a regular enough basis, they may be dropped by the affiliate program.

Also, as mentioned before, casinos only pay out commission on profits. As such, you don’t earn any money if your customer wins. Some affiliate programs track negative carryovers from month to month. This means that if a patron of yours wins big, you won’t see any money from what they’re spending until they’ve paid off all their winnings. It can be immensely disappointing to find out one of your customers got lucky and hit the jackpot, knowing there was nothing you could do about it but now you won’t be earning anything from their custom for a while, if ever.


Joining a casino affiliate program can be a great way to turn an online following or influence into cash. You don’t have to worry about managing a casino yourself, but you get a cut of the earnings on any paying customers you generate. There’s no doubt that it is not an easy thing to consistently get traffic to spend money at online casinos on a regular basis, but if you feel like you have the marketing talent to tackle it then it can be a very profitable endeavour. Each casino affiliate program will have its own specific quirks, so it’s recommended that you do your research and at least look up a few different programs before deciding on one. Find one with terms you agree to and they can end up being a mutually beneficial arrangement for both you and the online casino!