Why is it important to know your games RTP and how it is relevant to you and the casino

Slots RTP Explained

Many casino and online players will come across the RTP acronym – this stands for Return to Player – and wonder just what this means. In short, this phrase is used by casinos and associated partners to reference a theoretical payback that they expect to get from all wagers on any of their gambling games such as video poker, pokies, lottery or any of the other variations that have a calculated edge.

Understanding RTP

Whether it is online slots rtp or casino slots rtp that you are interested in, knowing a bit about how this works can influence the type of game you play and enable you to play like a pro.

As an example, if a UK online casino or actual slot machine has a slot RTP of 95.2%, if everything else was in place you could expect to achieve a return of £950.20 from a staked pot of £1,000. Therefore, you will be able to see from this that if you understand the % RTP method you will have an edge on other players and will be able to adopt a strategy as you become better at doing this. If you have also heard the term ‘house edge’ you may understand that this refers to the % advantage the casino has over the player in respect to how much they expect to make from players, and this is the opposite of the RTP.

RTP As An Art Form

Therefore, you have probably deduced from the above that understanding the RTP in conjunction with the house edge is key in terms of maximising your chances of better wins. For instance, if you know a slot in a casino has a house edge of 2 or 3% you are much more likely to play this than a slot that has a 12% house edge as this is more likely to benefit the casino than line your pockets!

The same goes for RTPs but in reverse – you want to be able to recognise which games and slots have the best RTP for you as a player, and a number of sites provide helpful lists from the leading slot designers so that you can suss out the best of the bunch.

Reputable Casinos

There is one important point to make that applies to all casinos and providers for a number of reasons as well as RTPs, and that is to make sure that you only play at trusted casinos. Some of the less reputable online slots RTP and casino slots RTP have not only tried to hide the RTP but have offered some games with a lower RTP than the maximum that the provider offers. Therefore, choose carefully and look at the lists and reviews to ensure you have a good source of up to date information about slot games online and RTP rates.

Check The RTP

Before you start to develop your play strategy check out the RTP at the UK online casino of your choice before you begin. If the RTP is hidden but other online casinos show this then do not play the slots, or you may notice the RTP is much lower at certain casinos and this is another indication that you should play elsewhere.

Slot Games Online

Typically you need to be looking for the higher ranking RTP rates such as those at 96% and above, and if taken from reputable site and assessed properly there is nothing to stop you playing the UK online casinos more effectively in no time. However, bear in mind that the percentages are calculated over a long duration of spins such as millions as opposed to hundreds, so any tables will serve as a guide to the best ones.