The Benefits of Owning Your Own White Label Casino

The internet has revolutionised entrepreneurship. The sky is now the limit for eager and hardworking entrepreneurs as it breaks down traditionally daunting barriers to business. Who would have thought it possible to start your own UK casino not even a couple decades ago? Now that dream is very much a possibility and indeed is a reality for many intrepid online entrepreneurs!

Breaking down barriers

Casino ownership used to be reserved for the mega rich only. From owning and running the property to managing staff and expensive legal counsel, the amount of capital required was immense and beyond the reach of all but a few. Nowadays, however, thanks to the internet you have access to a vast worldwide audience at your fingertips 24/7. Online casinos require no physical location, have significantly lower staff requirements, carry much lower security risks and have unlimited capacity. It is now no longer beyond the reach of most to own and run their own casino!

What is a white label casino?

The biggest expense of an online casino is developing the games and gambling systems, so that they all work, are not exploitable and comply with legal requirements. This still costs a lot, but by opening a white label casino you avoid all this! A white label casino is a casino that is run by another company but comes completely void of branding. It is essentially a white label and you are given the pen to write on it. You design the website and use your own branding while another company takes care of the inner workings! This gives the illusion of your company fully running the casino and being much bigger than it actually is, which is important to users who want to gamble with confidence.

Why run a UK white label casino?

The companies that offer white label casino services typically charge an upfront setup fee and will also take a cut of the overall takings. So why should you use a white label service rather than develop your own? There are several benefits to operating a white label casino, so we’ll go into detail on each one below.

  • Licensing – As you may imagine, not just anybody can run a casino. You must acquire a license from the Gambling Commission to run your own casino, which is not an easy task. With a white label casino, you only need worry about the marketing and branding as you do not run the casino yourself, so all legal and licensing issues are dealt with for you.
  • Handling and processing payments – Handling customer deposits and withdrawals, paying out winnings and tackling fraudsters is no easy task, particularly when all these things can be happening hundreds to thousands of times a day. It’s nowhere near as simple as setting up your own Paypal account, unfortunately! Fortunately, however, white label casino services will take care of all of this for you.
  • Cheat prevention – Ever since casinos were invented people have been trying to figure out ways of cheating them. This bit is actually harder when running an online casino – traditional casinos require a physical location for your cheater to be in, who can be under the watchful eye of your trained staff and detained at a moment’s notice. Online casinos, however, can be accessed by anyone and require giving the user access to your product for them to play it. This is equivalent to physically giving a stranger your slot machine to play with no supervision and hoping they don’t figure out how it works or how to get inside.White label casinos will take care of making their games secure and unexploitable. You want to be very sure of this as any flaws could end up being immensely expensive. Since white label casino services are used by many companies, you can have confidence knowing they have been used by millions of people without being penetrated.


There’s no doubt that running a casino is hard work, whether it be a physical casino or a white label online casino. You still need an audience to make any money, but by offloading the majority of the legal and technical requirements of running a casino it opens up ownership to anyone who can market themselves effectively. It allows owners to be able to run successful online casinos while only focusing on branding and marketing.