No Special Skills Required with SkillOnNet White Label Solution

SkillOnNet is an online gaming software provider that offers an impressive white label casino platform to businesses and individuals in Europe. Founded more than ten years ago, they provide a smooth infrastructure to ensure that your online casino thrives even with stiff competition in the industry. Below we provide a brief overview of their white label casino offering, but for further information visit

SkillOnNet Game Selection

With an enormous collection of different games to choose from, an online casino powered by SkillOnNet will be incrediby competitive. There are over 1200 games from premium 3rd party providers and unique in house built slots, and more are added almost daily. The games range from poker, slot games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and dice just to mention a few. All can be customized with regard to bet levels to suit the type of player you choose to cater to.

Multi Language Support and Licenses

The platform is currently licensed in the UK, Malta, Denmark or Schleswig-Holstein Germany. This means full access to most of Europe and a way to ensure full penetration in one of the biggest gambling markets in the world. By choosing SkillOnNet you will, if you so wish, get domains ending in .com for your international needs, .dk for the regulated Danish market and a gor the Brittish Isles. The platform is of course fully compatible on both desktop and Smartphones. SkillOnNet can also help you come up with a name for your brand that will ensure that it works in all jurisdictions.

Risk Management

The SkillOnNet platform offers casino software that protects both users and the operator against various online threats. The software’s algorithms will be able to detect any suspicious activities, such as excess deposits, multiple accounts registration, and protect from any money laundering activities. The system also is capable to:

  • Ensure that only adults can be able to join the platform.
  • Block information from unwanted sources.
  • Secure Passwords.
  • Set up limits for bets.

Flexible Back-End and Retention Tools

There are powerful tools to enable you to monitor all your players regarding their activities, levels, available games, history, IP address, deposits and so much more. There are also options to customize the design that you think will suit your players.

The powerful back office provides statistics of the games to guide you to identify preferred games on your platform and hence come up with attractive marketing campaigns for specific player segments. And all can of course also be easily administered without much prior experience.

Payments Processing

The fast payment system is available, even on weekends, in several different currencies. Players have more than 35 payment options to choose from, all tailored to fit the market you are acting in, and the withdrawals requests are sorted out within eleven hours. The system can even handle Bitcoin as a payments.

Service and support

SkillOnNet white label casino offers an additional package of customer support for your business. The customer support team consists of trained professionals that can handle all inquiries and processes, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The professional team can also take on a bigger roll, not constricted to only customer support, and critically scrutinize players in the platform to understand their habits and come up with offers and relevant strategies to retain, and reactivate players.

What’s more, the team is available 24/7 through email, chat, and real-time calls. The content of the emails is customized to meet the needs of different customers. VIP support to the most valuable players are also available. Support is offered in different languages.

Marketing and Affiliates

You don’t have to worry about promotion to your players when using SkillOnNet casino platform. They got that covered through a tried and tested reward system that can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements. By email, SMS, and push notification to engagement can be maximized and player value increased. The platform even has an accompanying affiliate program where players can refer new interested parties to the brand. You only need to offer a small percentage of the profit to the affiliates to motivate them to invite friends and even advertise your services in their online groups.