Land based vs online casino – Which suits your personality best?

The rush and thrill that comes with spin table madness and a heated poker game are comparable to none. For most UK in-landers, choosing where to stake your savings is a decision torn between the lines of playing online or in a land-based casino. But could there be a better gambling preference for the casual player, seasoned pro, and aspiring professional or is it just a matter of taste and wants? To find out, here is a side by side analysis of online casino UK vs land based UK.

Mode of Play

Since time memorial, land based casinos were the first choice for most UK gamblers. But with the coming of the digital age, a more substantial majority of players are switching to online betting, though some are still adamant on in-door casino glitz and glam -something that continues to wow poker players across the globe.

In-house poker involves fly time to game-centric towns such as Malta where everything lives and breathes casino. Here, the audience gets to enjoy the buzzing life of the casino scene that thrives on social interaction. The sound of slot machines, flickering lights, cocktail drinks, and beautiful maidens is what draws thousands to the floors of such casinos.

Online casinos, however, take a different angle. Instead of the casual brick and mortal, they build their customer base on the web. Here, players can access the sites, either by login online or through downloaded applications. This brings in another approach to player’s convenience and availability. You can access your favourite bingo game anywhere at any given hour minus the need of visiting a land-based casino.

When you compare the two, land-based casinos, stand out for folks looking for real-life casino experience. Players who shy off from the social light, however, find online casinos quite convincing as they can mask themselves from the public eye.

Bonuses and Promotion

Baiting is part of the gambling scene. It is how gaming firms earn their following. Comparing the two, online casinos seem to take it to a whole new level. Their exclusive first-time bonuses and promotion ladders add to the list of benefits of an online casino. You also get free plays just as a test drive to whether waging or not.

Though land based casinos still offer noticeable loyalty rewards, they lack the luring first-time deposit bonuses that give online casinos an upper hand. These bonuses, however, come with a catch; you may require a certain number of hands before unlocking the “free money.”

It’s crucial to understand the type of bonus in question. Cashable bonuses can be withdrawn once you meet the play-through requirement while non-cashable or sticky bonuses are only meant for play.

Cash-ins and outs

Casinos realised that players are more likely to gamble more if they used chips instead of hard cash. This long tradition is still being put to use both in online and land based casinos. However, there is a distinction in how each makes its deposits and withdrawals after wins.

On a land-based casino, you are required to exchange your hard cash or credit money for chips through the casino. Online casino, on the other hand, offers you countless ways of depositing and withdrawing your money. You can use e-wallets, bank wires, and different forms of currencies such as Bitcoin for waging. However, withdrawals from online casinos make take some time due to the strict verification process.

Game Variety & Availability

One of the significant benefits of land based casino is that it offers a wide variety of gambling games. Each floor may carry different games from blackjack tables to bingo and slot machines. However, in the heat of the season, find an available seat is quite hard. Players have to queue for a chance. Luckily this is not the case for online casinos.

Online casinos can offer a more comprehensive assortment of games or specialise in particulars for a target audience. With the incorporation of live play, the experience is made more real. All you need to access each game is logging in online or playing through the downloaded version.

Checks and balances

With the gambling landscape changing on a continuous basis, much is still needed to be done concerning player’s protection and gambling legislation across the UK. Nonetheless, the restrictions set across Land-based and online casinos is not of much difference though stricter measures are put in place for online based casinos due to their anonymity.

The significant difference between online and land-based casinos concerning restriction is availability. While access to a land-based casino involves having a valid ID as proof of age, online casinos are capped by jurisdiction laws despite being of legal age. Not all regions in the UK allow online gambling.


Bottom line, the choice of whether going for an online or land-based casino falls on three things: your gambling goal, how you are gambling, and what games do you want to play. Other than that, everything else falls on personal preferences.