Starting your own online casino with iGaming Cloud

Your own White Label casino with iGaming Cloud

You may not have considered the possibility of running your own White Label Casino, however, the unique, innovative and exciting features offered by the iGaming Cloud casino platform now make this an exciting opportunity, which is certainly well worth investigating. So let us introduce you to the iGaming Cloud platform; show you what they have to offer, and clearly explain and demonstrate how you and your company can benefit from the innovative iGaming Cloud platform.

White Label Casino

A White Label Casino is essentially a casino which is set up and provided by a third-party provider; however, the most exciting and important part of this is that all the hard work and infrastructure is handled by the iGaming Cloud casino platform, leaving an “iGaming Cloud White Label Casino”, which your company is entirely free to brand. In short: your company can profit whilst every other aspect of running the casino is taken care of by the iGaming Cloud, so leave the hard work to the professionals!

The iGaming cloud casino platform

To facilitate the smooth running of your company’s casino, the iGaming Cloud casino engine is packed full of innovative and technically impressive features. For example, the iGaming cloud casino platform can offer your customers over 1,200 casino games, ranging from live dealer table games, scratchcards, and of an abundance of slots, which can be offered directly to your customers via mobile or PC, offering a multitude of commercial opportunities. You and your customers will also benefit from an extremely flexible bonus system, where you have the ability to customise a variety of bonus logic parameters. Another impressive feature is in the ability to process transactions across multiple countries and currencies, so you can rest assured that your White Label Casino will be truly international, thanks to the Seamless Wallet feature, and Integrated Responsible Gaming System, which ensures that your casino is operating in accordance with all relevant local legislation.

Your casino will also benefit from a multitude of impressive technical features designed to help you get the most out of your profile and customers. For example, impressively, the iGaming Cloud platform will ensure that your customers will have the best possible performance during their casino experience, with no lag, irrespective of the number of customers online, which is guaranteed to ensure maximum visibility and repeat business. With so many impressive features, you are sure to benefit from our Intelligent User Interface feature, and Integrated KYC Lifecycle Management System.

Whilst this is an incredibly stable and reliable platform, should any issues or queries arise, your white label casino will benefit from a fully integrated live chat and email support. Should the worst happen, you can rest assured as you will be covered by a 24/7 Backup and Disaster Recovery feature, as the iGaming Cloud system is backed up and monitored every single moment of every day, 7 days per week, all year round. This ensures that should any issue arise you can be confident of enjoying the highest possible up-time, meaning your customers can enjoy gaming in your casino, free from interruptions.

You can even leave the design of your casino to the iGaming Cloud, and benefit from a fantastic, thoroughly-tested and visually-appealing pre-designed template which will appeal to all of your customers. The iGaming cloud platform can even give you the flexibility to choose either a Shared or Dedicated Environment depending on what works best for you and your business.

Are you interested in who is visiting your white label casino? You can find out all sorts of useful information with only one click, thanks to the innovative iGaming player profile system. You can also benefit from real-time data, should you wish to live-monitor your casino, or alternatively, you can have e-mail reports automatically sent directly to your account daily, weekly, or whenever you desire, thanks to the extremely flexible reporting system. There is even a built in Email Builder feature allows to you to design direct-to-consumer marketing emails to ensure that your visitors come back again, and again.

With so many useful and innovative features, your business is sure to benefit from having your own White Label Casino. So what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to start your own casino, and leave all the hard work to the technically capable, thoroughly-tested and rock-solid, reliable iGaming Cloud platform. Neither you, nor your customers, will be disappointed!